Computer animation is a great tool to produce videos with a different visual style that can turn complex or boring concepts into highly entertaining and unique video content. Such was the case with this branding piece that DeCarlo Media produced for Mandalay Homes earlier this year.

The video briefly explains the relationship between energy efficiency and water conservation, an issue that is especially relevant today, as drought conditions worsen in the entire South West.

A lot of time was devoted to finding a visual style that would be unique, friendly and easy for viewers to process.

We decided to create a miniature world with very stylized shapes and surfaces that move like clay animation (claymation),

very bright colors and soft lighting.

3d and 2d compositing process for water conservation video

3D elements were brought into After Effects to create a final composite.

In order to render all 3D scenes we used a render farm, which has dozens of very powerful dedicated computers making all the calculations that produce the final frames. This allowed us to get more than 1500 frames done in a matter of hours. Without a render farm this project would have been impossible to finish, since each frame on average  took more than 15 minutes to render in a single computer.

Sytlized power plant 3d model

A stylized power plant was built and animated using Blender 3d.

The client’s original concept was to use stock photos and video to illustrate their script. We presented a better alternative by showing how a concept like this would better illustrate their message, turning what would have been a boring video into a much more interesting piece to watch. We then found the right voice over talent and background music to bring everything together in editing.

In the end, the entire team at Mandalay Homes was very pleased and currently use this video as a branding piece to show potential home buyers how this national leader in energy efficiency is making a difference, while building beautiful homes that people can feel proud to own.

Stylized model of the actual master planned community

The 3d homes and streets were designed so they closely resemble the actual master planned community.

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