First, it is important to clarify that this article is not about how to shoot, edit or use lighting and sound equipment. There are plenty of very talented Youtube and Tiktok creators who are dedicated to educating people on the technical side of video production.

This article is more about the content and thought process behind the making of a video, which I strongly believe is more important to know before any production work takes place.

When people ask me how to make a great video, my immediate answer is: what are you trying to accomplish?

There are 3 main components that go into producing any video: coming up with a message or a story, recording and editing. Each one of those has many variables. However, there’s one thing must be well defined before anything else takes place: Your Goal.

Are you trying to make people laugh? Are you trying to educate your audience about a particular subject? Are you trying to sell a product or service?

No matter how much money you spend, or what cameras, microphones and lighting you use, a video is great only if it accomplishes your goal.

Identifying your main objective and coming up with a clear message are the most important aspects of video production. Everything that follows is guided by those two pillars.


In the early days of Youtube we saw video in its simplest form reach millions in no time. It opened up a new world of possibilities because suddenly, anybody with a cheap camera and zero experience in audio-visual production was able to generate world-wide attention and make serious money by simply sharing their lives, their hobbies, their unique humor or their talent.

Authenticity and simple honesty quickly became much more valuable than Production Value or Production Quality, which is the pride of many well-established production houses.

Smart phones and social media changed everything. The concept of being yourself and being completely honest applied not only to people but to business entities as well. Beyond all the technical achievements of the last 30 years, the most significant change in the world of video is the concept of pure honesty. It opened the possibility for every person in the world to bring value to others by simply being themselves and sharing their humanity. Companies rely on influencers to give the most honest opinions about their products or services to build trust with potential buyers.

Youtube evolved and eventually brought back the need for High Production Quality. But as the rise of Tiktok has shown, people still want simplicity and the ability to create without the need for technical complexity. The concept of “Less Is More” today is true more than ever.


A “Great Video” by today’s standards is one that generates engagement, meaning, they make people hit the like button and most importantly share it with others. Engaging videos usually have a healthy mixture of passion, authenticity and valuable information or highly entertaining content. Is many cases the image and audio quality may be secondary to the message.

High Quality Production is certainly not dead, and will never go out of style. Production Quality is more of an expression of who you are as an individual or as company. There is a pride and a level of emotion and credibility that is evoked by a tasteful mixture of beautiful images and sound when they are beautifully orchestrated to communicate a powerful message. High Quality in any industry is timeless. It is meant to support the message and the brand. However, it is not more important than what you have to say if there’s true passion behind your message.

When it comes to creating engaging video, the camera you use is less important than what you do with it. “Creating quality video isn’t about the hardware you have, it’s about how well you use it to tell a story,” said Steven Bartlett, CEO at Social Chain Group. “You can tell great stories with a small camera in the palm of your hand.” (

Creative editing combined with the right music selection can turn an inexpensive production into a Great Video. Powerful story-telling can only happen with skillful editing supported by the right sound track.

Many fall for the idea that a video is only good if it reaches millions of people. A number of production companies these days use the word “Viral” as part of their sales pitch. The reality is that millions of views does not equal success. Reaching the right audience, those who really care about what you have to offer, whether it’s basic entertainment or a product or service, is the only thing that matters.

That’s where honesty and authenticity become extremely valuable. When combined with the right message and intention, they will always help you find the right audience.

So, how do you make a great video…?

a) Based on a well defined goal, come up with a powerful message that is strong and clear.

b) Use a level of production that is appropriate for your brand. It does not need to be complex or expensive.

c) Let authenticity and honesty shine through every aspect of your message, so it will reach your target audience.

These steps may sound vague to some people. But after 30 years in the business, I cannot stress enough the need to study and understand them well before wasting time or money trying to produce a video.

DeCarlo Media is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes produce the right message to connect with their target audience. We combine story-telling techniques with a variety of creative tools to produce messages that are aligned with you brand and your values, so they feel authentic and touch the hearts of those you are trying to reach.

Mayo Tirado

Creative Director & Producer

DeCarlo Media