Humans are visual creatures. We want to see something before we buy it, especially if it’s a place where we want to live. That is why most new communities have beautifully decorated model homes that potential buyers can tour to get a feel for what their new living space may look like.

But with rising costs in building materials, trades, and the thousands of components that are needed to build a model home, it is quickly becoming cost-prohibitive to build physical models that may have to sit for a couple of years while all lots in a new community are sold.

There are also taxes and maintenance costs.


Architectural renderings are not a new tool, but they are quickly becoming a critical alternative to building physical models that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before it can be taken off the home builder’s hands.

While there will likely always be a need for some physical model homes, it will still be impossible for builders to show all variations of their designs and color patterns in the real world, unless they are produced as Photorealistic 3D Renderings.

Many companies and freelancers from different parts of the world are constantly bombarding home builders with their portfolios displaying amazing examples of their archviz work, which they often do at discount prices. The internet certainly makes it easier to work with artists from anywhere on Earth, but as we have discovered in this business, there’s a trust that is difficult to build with unknown entities that may or may not deliver, have unrealistic expectations about pricing in the US and simply lack the ability to visit the actual construction site, talk to the builders and get an accurate picture of what they need to build.

Some US and Arizona-based companies also cost too much or take too long to deliver new renderings or changes.

DECARLO MEDIA has developed a business model that brings a lot of flexibility to U.S. and Arizona-based home-builders in both: pricing and delivery times. We work with a team or 3d artists and architects that understand the technical aspects of home building. We use open-source software that rivals the most expensive tools in the industry but allow us to be competitive world wide. As a result we have very satisfied clients who will often need immediate response and sometimes need to explore design variations. Unlike other 3d rendering companies we can deliver in days, not weeks. 

To learn more about how we can help with your architectural rendering needs, feel free to call us at 480.200.0630. We’ll be glad to help you on your next project.

Andrew DeCarlo

Creative Director and Producer