1) Rising Building Costs

Humans are visual creatures. We want to see something before we buy it, especially if it’s a place where we want to live. That is why most new residential communities have beautifully decorated model homes that potential buyers can tour to they get a feel for what their new living space may be like.

However, with shortages fueling the rising costs of building materials, labor and the thousands of components needed for construction, home builders are thinking twice before building highly upgraded and heavily decorated model homes that may have to sit for a couple of years while all their lots in a new community get sold.

2) 3d Renderings Are Important For Online Marketing

3D architectural renderings are not new but they have become more relevant with the growth of social media marketing, where builders can generate a great amount of interest in their new projects well-before they ever get started. Virtual tours and posts of 360 renderings of residential and commercial projects have a level of engagement that have made them an essential part of social media marketing. The metaverse is also opening new avenues to explore spaces from the comfort of your home. The possibilities of 3D visualization are endless and it is all just getting started.

While there’s still a need for a few physical model homes in new communities, it is impossible for builders to show all variations of their designs and color patterns in the real world. Photorealistic 3D Renderings give builders the ability to show their clients last minute changes that may happen because of certain cabinets, flooring or other materials no longer being available, which is a reality many construction and interior design firms are facing today.

3) 3D Renderings Improve Design Exploration

4) Increasing Availability Of Talent

Many companies and freelancers from different parts of the world are constantly bombarding home builders with examples of their archviz work, often at discount prices. While the internet makes it easier to work with artists from anywhere on Earth, there’s a trust factor that makes it difficult to work with unknown entities that may not deliver and often have unrealistic expectations about pricing in the US. They also lack the ability to visit the actual construction site or have clear communication with the builders’ drafting team to get an accurate picture of what they need to build.

On the other hand,  there are some large rendering houses in Arizona and the US that charge too much or take too long to deliver because they are trying to handle too many clients in order to cover they’re operation costs.

5) 3D Renderings Are An Investment

DECARLO MEDIA has developed a business model that brings a lot of flexibility to U.S. builders in pricing and delivery times. Our team of 3d artists and architects understand the technical aspects of construction and architectural design. Our pricing structure is extremely competitive, even when compared with freelancers and companies from Asia and Eastern Europe. Our clients love the fact that they can talk to us in the same time zone, we can visit their construction sites and we can deliver in days what larger rendering houses take weeks to accomplish. The service we offer allows our clients to explore many design variations as we work closely with their internal design and drafting teams.

To learn more about how we can help with your architectural rendering needs, feel free to call us at 480.200.0630. We’ll be glad to help you on your next project.

Andrew DeCarlo

Creative Director and Producer